It all starts with 'I' - 10 attitudes that assist inspired and balanced thinking

If you are not having inspired and balanced thinking  - you are more than likely feeling stressed or out of balance in either relationships, career or health and probably being run by your emotions, feeling ungrounded and reactive in nature. Does this sound familiar? 

I know that it is possible to brush it off/cover it up, say ‘I’m fine!’ but this is about listening to the signs and symptoms of your body and adopting attitudes that create poise and power in your life. 

Here are Ten ‘I’s to assist having inspired and balanced thinking:

1) Introduction:

Introduce your self to new things, people and ideas.  We are ‘here’ to grow, and fear lurks where we lose our nerve. When we stay in our comfort zone with everything known and cosy around us, the world can seem increasingly alien, challenging and fearful. You don’t need to be radically changing all the time but have an open mind and an open heart. Trust. Develop a...

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Create the Life That You Want

Would you agree that the process of creating your own life is not a passive exercise? The word “create” implies taking action.

There’s a basic principle in physics that what you don’t organize, nature will disorganize. It’s the Second Law of Thermodynamics and is referred to as “entropy” – the tendency to go to from order to disorder. You can see it play out in your day-to-day life. If you don’t look after your house, it will deteriorate. If you don’t maintain your car, it will deteriorate. Anything made of matter and energy will undergo entropy because without order, the universe naturally slides towards disorder.

The reverse is also true – with effort and by expending energy, you can create “negative entropy” and go from disorder to order and from chaos to structure. In other words, entropy will occur on its own; negative entropy requires effort and energy.


Now, how does this...

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