The 6 Elements of "True" Health

Health is like beauty, if you blindly buy into others definition and biases of it ⠀
- It becomes ugly.⠀

“Health” can be measured by how you feel physically, think mentally, respond emotionally, and connect spiritually. ⠀

Six Elements of True Health:⠀

1. Physical: Maintaining a sound substantial body through regular exercise, proper nutrition, sleeping well & avoiding harmful habits. Maintaining a consistent well-rounded exercise program is crucial to physical wellness. ⠀⠀

2. Emotional: Being in touch with your emotional presence & being aware and comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings. Emotional wellness relies on being able to express one’s thoughts and sensations and to be able to absorb those of others.

3. Spiritual: Having a sense that life is meaningful & has a purpose and that we are guided in our journey. Spiritual wellness is about embracing the meta-physical and reaching beyond the physical realm of existence and experiences.⠀⠀

4. Intellectual: Being able to engage in lively interaction with the world around you. The intellect is about flexing the mind’s muscle & opening the mind. One’s intellectual being is about continued learning, problem solving, processing and creativity. Intellectual wellness involves connecting with others on a cerebral level.⠀⠀

5. Environmental: Surrounding yourself with a healthy work & living environment free of hazards and focused on conservation of all natural resources and the role we play in bettering the environment. Environmental wellness is about respecting nature and your surroundings and in gaining personal fulfillment from our surroundings.⠀⠀

6. Social: Social wellness is about relating, interacting & communicating well with others. Social wellness is also about being comfortable in your own skin to be able to contribute and engage in a healthy living environment. Including people in all aspects of our lives is tantamount to social wellness.

Take stock and reflect on these six elements of health. See where you’re thriving & where might be lacking. In this world nothings perfect but that doesn’t mean we can’t aim for betterment in our lives…if you shoot for the stars are land in the clouds.⠀


Author: DJ Austin is a Holistic Health & Life Coach


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