Are you Losing Confidence in Your Family Run Business?

Talk about these 2 things with your Spouse. 

Sometimes for couples in business, there is a perception of lack of success. Despite achievement in other areas, couples experience fear, uncertainty, doubt. Perhaps it's because the business isn’t getting the desired financial results. Maybe its clients who giving negative feedback. Or, perhaps couples cant get away for some much needed down time.

For many spouses in business, this lack of confidence often begins to show up in negative ways in our relationship with our spouse. We may start to shut down and not communicate how we are feeling. Perhaps we keep talking about our fears when our spouse just wants a break from business talk. Or, we become angry or even critical of each other.   

Sadly, we treat our most important person in the world to us in ways that we are not proud of.

I know exactly what that’s like, because I’ve done it.

Case in point,  January 2016,  when we had a staffing...

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Seven Habits For You to Incorporate in Your Psychology if You Wish to Create Wealth for Your Family

  1. Have a vision for your family wealth creation

The secret to creating and growing wealth for your family is to have a big enough reason why you want to do it. The desire to grow and create wealth to buy more things is not a good enough reason, although wealth does make it possible to buy more things. A bigger reason does make it more worthwhile. You can choose to create and grow wealth for your family to give them the best as well as to make the world a better place. Imagine how fulfilling it will be if you, like Bill and Melinda Gates through their foundation, focus on increasing health conditions worldwide. James Hughes, author of “Family Wealth” says “A family can successfully preserve wealth for more than one hundred years if the family governance and practices are founded on shared values that express the family’s differentness.” This can only be done if someone is creating and holding the vision for the family – a vision for a hundred...

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How do you make your money last for generational impact?

Maintaining family wealth over generations can be challenging and there are so many obstacles on your way to wealth preservation. Ilze Alberts, wealth psychologist and behavioural strategist for families is sharing mental and behavioural strategies in 5 parts.

Part 1: “From shirtsleeve-to-shirtsleeve”

Many family wealth creators are ignorant about a proverb called “from shirtsleeve-to-shirtsleeve” or they might be aware of the proverb, but are uncertain about a strategy to transform it.

In Japan, the expression goes, “Rice paddies to rice paddies in three generations.” The Scottish say “The father buys, the son builds, the grandchild sells, and his son begs.” In China, “Wealth never survives three generations.” Around the world there are many variations on this theme, all used to describe the tendency of the third generation of a family to squander the wealth obtained by the first generation.

 According to studies,...

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