Mindfulness and Communication

I think you can all remember an occasion where you've been talking with someone and your mind is completely somewhere else, and when they finish the last sentence you realise, uncomfortably, that you haven't heard a word! 

There are other times when you are having a conversation with someone who happens to still be on their phone: checking out Facebook or texting or scrolling or surfing, while you are trying to have a dialogue with them: ” I'm listening, keep going!" they say, but you really don't feel that they are with you.

Of course in the extreme, we all remember those conversations which just become a shouting match and no one is listening to anyone!

On the other end of the scale, remember those beautiful conversations where there are no distractions, each is completely present with the other person. You feel heard, you are open to listening, the conversation itself nurtures your relationship - deepening the connection between you.

Sadly, the latter kind of...

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The Highest Form of Leadership: Collaborative, and Values-Based Communication

“True humanitarian leaders care enough about humanity to search out the needs, problems, and solutions for people in need. They find something that inspires them but also serves others.

“It’s always about the people.” 

                                                                                                - Dr. John Demartini

Life is sales. Every day we attempt to persuade, cajole and encourage people – big and small – to cooperate with us in an endless number of...

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