I'm A Fraud, And I'm Owning Up To It!

“I can’t believe they actually think I can do this job!” 

I asked my former boss that very question.  He was the CEO of large global multinational.  He looked at me surprised.   He smiled and said yes!  I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was just me that had silly random thoughts.

It’s called Imposter syndrome and sometimes no matter how much you have studied, trained and achieved success it rears its ugly head.

The syndrome makes you feel like you are a fraud even when you’re not.  You often spend your time worrying you will be found out and considered a fraud.

Everyone suffers from it at one time or another. Actors, Writers, Sports Figures and probably some doctors, although I like to think that it never crosses the minds of the world’s best Neurosurgeons!

This week I was quite surprised to learn that I’ve been nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Of The Year Award.

My first reaction was “Wow that’s amazing!” My second reaction was “Why would they nominate me? I don’t deserve it?” I thought I’m a fraud and I have to own up to it!

At one time or another we all feel like we are a fraud, that the entire world will surely find out soon!. Here are the strategies I use to get over feeling like a fraud and moving on.

The Strategies:

Recognize It: The first step in solving any problem is to recognize that there is a problem. When doubt starts creeping into your head, recognize that it may just be imposter syndrome and you have to deal with it.

Accept it: Perfection is impossible. You may think that you need to be perfect in everything you do, anything less makes you feel like a fraud. The reality is we all have our ups and downs and we will never be perfect, but we can be really good at providing value.

Capture It: Most of us are not very good with receiving positive feedback and accolades. Start collecting testimonials, and taking snapshots of messages that acknowledge your successes. They serve as a reminder of what you do in the world for others, how others perceive you, and remind you of who you are.

Look At It Objectively: Look at the people you admire as successful and recognize the reality of the person. They too have imperfections, and they too probably suffer from Imposter Syndrome now and again. No one is perfect not even your heroes.

Embrace It: Own your success! It wasn’t luck that got you here, it was hard work. All the value you have provided to all those around you over the years is proof that what you do matters, is real, and is worthy of the praise you receive.

Next time you begin to have the feeling that you’re about to be found out! You’re a fraud, just remember.

It’s not who you are that holds you back…
It’s who you think you’re not

So I’m happy to say I’ve been nominated for Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and well, I deserve it!




Author:  Fay Chapple is an Award Winning Entrepreneur, Global Business Strategist, Speaker, Author, Podcast Host and Founder Of The Chapple Group, Fay Chapple International and OnPoint Mentors


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