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Life can be chaotic and difficult at times, causing you to feel out of control or a victim of circumstance. There are periods in life where it can all feel too much. You may feel overwhelmed, insecure, worried or a lack of control about what is happening to you.

The effects of these feelings can mean increased anxiety and uncertainty, and these stresses can cause sleeplessness, raised blood pressure, over-eating, over-drinking, tension in the body that results in pain, and for some, disease. 

When seeking help from a doctor, many people are put on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs, which only masks your emotions from you, without ever changing your perspective or get to the heart of the matter.

As an Emotional Wellness Specialist, I am dedicated to assisting my clients to shift their perceptions, reduce their stress levels and help them heal. I define Emotional Wellness as: a state of being that includes the ability to handle challenges head on, grounded thinking, optimism, effective communication and self-expression.

I have been in the wellness field for over 8 years as an Emotional Wellness Specialist and have 20+ years as an educator. Throughout that time, I have seen first hand the effects of emotional stress on people of all ages. I have worked with clients one-to-one, run workshops and retreats to assist people to get to the heart of the matter and become more empowered and enlightened about their situation.  I would like to share with you some insights on what it means to have Emotional Wellness.

10 Features of Emotional Wellness

1. Enjoying the Journey
Life has ups and downs you know they are inevitable, so you embrace them.

2. Viewing your life as one of possibility and choice:

You know that if one door closes, another opens - it is about being flexible and adaptable, and OK with the unknown!

3. Having emotional immunity to stress:

You listen to your body and your thoughts and take time for you, doing things that de-stress the situation, and your experience.

 4. Learning tools to handle the tough times:

You have a range of tools to handle difficult times that help you with balancing your perspective, seeking objectivity, making a plan of action.

 5. Having a sense of direction and self-governance:

You know what you want and you know what it will take to get there; you tune into your ‘RADIO’-being:







6. You feel poise and contentment:

We can all feel strong emotions, but when you have Emotional Wellness, you recover faster, you reflect on your part in the dynamic and look for the lessons of why it happened. You appreciate each day for what it brings.

 7. Holding an attitude of gratitude for your past and present:

Uncovering all the memories and dissolving emotional baggage and finding the perfection of what makes you who you are, today, is completely freeing.

 8. Applying wisdom to co-create your future in the shape that inspires you:

Knowing that you are in the driving seat of your life, it is not just something that happens to you.

9. Having ever-growing self-knowledge and love:

We are with ourselves 24/7, for better or worse, we have our unique challenges – finding out how those are our gifts, how we are perfect in our imperfection, allows us to shine!

10. Choosing to walk your talk and communicate your truth:

This might mean having confidence OR being vulnerable, being courageous and trusting OR alert and aware, it is about being able to pick up signals around you and listen to your inner voice; what feels right for you.

If you are feeling effected by divorce, grief/loss, feeling stuck, anxiety or stress and would like a different perspective on difficult events in your life, whether is in the past or current - feel free to contact me for more information.



Author: Tania Tuck is an Emotional Wellness Specialist, Teacher, Learning Innovator


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