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Understanding Your Values

Industry experts guide you by asking the right questions to determine what you value most. 

By asking pertinent questions, you'll gain clarity in knowing exactly what makes you tick and what drives you. 

You will begin to understand why you react, whether favorably or unfavorably, to certain events that occur or to the certain people you come across in life.

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Tackle Your Challenges

Together with the expert guidance of your mentor, get unstuck by tackling the challenges and perhaps the fear preventing you from moving forward. 

Your mentor will be by your side as you move through the maze of questions you may have and the uncertainty until you are sure of the direction you need to take and the steps and plans that you need to implement to get you there.

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Move Forward With Gratitude

A mentor can make a difference to whether you take that leap into a new career, make a pertinent business decision, move your idea forward, change your relationship status, or even move to another country in pursuit of your dreams!

Let someone be your guide in order for you to truly see all your options in your business and your life and leading you to your perfect life.

Our Mission


OnPoint Mentors' mission is to connect those seeking guidance, either personally or professionally, with global coaches, mentors, facilitators, or consultants offering professional services, to help them realize there exists neither limits, nor boundaries to what they can achieve in their businesses or in their lives. 

We bring people and purpose together with powerful resources, business guidance, life guidance and connections that empower you to thrive and make a difference in the world. 

This global initiative provides thought leaders with the professional support and business expertise to build and grow successful companies, organizations and inspired lives. Our dynamic online community of experts, mentors and coaches is a virtual think tank, buzzing with creativity and brilliance. 

OnPoint Mentors is also the place to go for life-changing philosophies, principles and methods that will make it possible for you to move from where you are now to where you'd really love to be. 


Find solutions. Find answers . Find a mentor.

Finding A Mentor Is Simple


Start by exploring all our mentors by industry, profession or issue.  

BOOK A MEETING OR SCHEDULE A CALL and start moving forward. are on your way!


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Meet With Our Expert Mentors From Anywhere Around The World

Online Video Conference, Telephone or In-Person Options

Our OnPoint Business, Life And Profession-Specific Mentor Directories

Easily find our industry-specific mentors.

World Class Mentors Are Waiting To Help

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Life Help

When we know our purpose and we have clarity in our lives, the whole world opens up. We are here to help during times of struggle.

Find A Life Mentor
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Business Help

We help people build their businesses, launch their new ideas, expand their outreach and achieve a higher level of success.

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Profession Help

We know you, we know your challenges. We make it possible for you to move from where you are to where you'd really love to be. 

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Three Ways To Connect With Mentors

*Check with each mentor for their options to connect


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Online Video Meeting

Join the conversation from mobile, tablet or desktop by clicking the URL. No need to install software. Just join the meeting!

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Telephone Meeting

Join your mentor for a telephone call from anywhere in the world. No special equipment necessary!

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In-Person Meeting

Prefer face to face meetings?  Choose a mentor in your home city or town and start right away!

Why work with an OnPoint Mentor?

These are uncertain times. You many have questions on what to do next, how to get through a specific issue, or what your focus should be at this point in time.  Our OnPoint Mentors offer a way to connect easily and simply with just 1-click. 

Our mentors have been selected because of their specialized expertise, intimate knowledge of their industry, certifications and experience.  We've chosen the world's best mentors and brought them to you, so you don't have to spend your time looking for the right mentor for you.  They are already right here at OnPoint Mentors and they are waiting to help.



Start talking. It's that simple.

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Easily connect With Your Selected Mentor

It’s that quick! Click on a link sent by your chosen mentor on the scheduled time and date, and you're instantly on a video conversation.

Inside, your mentor can share his or her screen, draw on a white board to illustrate ideas, take notes to remember your conversations, record your sessions if requested, and upload documents and PDFs if needed.

Keep track of all your "homework and assignments" given by your mentor in one single place. All your notes, communications and meeting recordings remain available in your designated room for you to revisit as agreed upon with your mentor.

It's convenient, it's safe, it's comfortable. 

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Payment is Simple

Easily pay for your consultations at time of booking or after, depending on each mentor's payment policy. 

You can pay by credit card and be set to utilize your entire consultation time talking about the real issues rather than fumbling about having to pay. 

You'll always know your mentor's fees upfront before you meet.



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There is no better time to realize the life and business you've always wanted.


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Here's What a Few of Our OnPoint Mentor Clients Have To Say...

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John W. 

"I've been struggling to find the right mentor. This platform put me in touch with someone that knew what what my problems were that no other mentor could help me with."

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Hailey V. 

"My mentor was instrumental in both the founding of my company and the growth of it. She helped me work through self-worth blockages from a young age as well as barriers for growing a company."

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Jessica G.

"As a professional, I was always too embarrassed to seek help. OnPoint Mentors made it feel normal to ask for help and to find someone to talk to who understood what I was going through." 

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