Marc Evans

Founder Zazo Marketing

  • Location:New Jersery, USA
  • Years as Mentor: 20+
  • Credentials: MSCS
  • Profession: Business Growth
  • Expertise: Business Revenue Increase, Marketing Strategies,
    Lead Generation
  • Languages: English
  • Hourly Rate: $$$$
  • Free Initial Consultation: No
  • Global Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Marc Evans
Mentor Certifications
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OnPoint Coaching Certifications
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Speaking Expert

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Certified Coach

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Strategy Expert

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Leadership Expert

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Business Launch Expert

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Online Marketing Expert

I Can Help You With

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Areas Of Expertise

  • Strategy
  • List Building
  • Online Business
  • Lead Generation
  • Team Building
  • New Revenue Generation
  • Marketing Funnels
Personal Growth and Welfare

Areas Of Expertise

  • High Performance
  • Self Discovery
  • Goal Setting
  • Career/Personal Review
  • Speaking
  • Executive Coaching
  • Certification Training


Mental and Physical Care

Areas Of Expertise

  • Meditation - General
  • Meditation - Executive
  • Meditation - Illness
  • Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga for Performance
  • Certification Training
People and Relationships

Areas Of Expertise

  • Communication
  • Team Leadership
  • Employee Engagement
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Certification  Training


Meet Marc - Video Introduction

Learn why Marc became a Mentor, and his approach to helping his clients.


About Marc Evans

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Marc Evans is one of the most sought-after trainers in online business building today. He has personally coached over 1,000 people one on one and worked with top marketers in the industry.

Marc has built hundreds of thousands email subscribers lists and saved clients countless hours of frustration by clearing roadblocks for their business by finding specific gaps in their sales processes that have increased their revenues 10 fold.

Managed Product Launches for clients from 2009-2012 while working full time. Switched to coaching business model to help more clients and manage schedule.

Was asked by Jeff Walker (creator of Product Launch Formula) to personally coach all his high-level clients, worked with Jeff and his team to implement numerous coaching programs, and ran operational functions of the company to double revenues over a 3 year period.

While success has followed Marc in the industry, it’s not what separates him. What separates him is his passion for helping people have a clear step by step plan to grow their businesses.

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Client Success Stories

Stacy Maynard

Jeff Walker

"Once you start to work with Marc you understand he carry's a big stick of knowing this material and being a fantastic coach and being great at product launches great at marketing and business building."

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Heidi Grayce Goodrich

"Marc, you came along. And it was so great. It was like finally there's a system. Do this A then do this B And it's so simple. It's not over complicated. And it makes so much sense. I can do this easily, no problem and it was so organized and just simple."

Fay Chapple's Success Stories

Kristal Presser Fiorentino

"Marc, I want you to know that this is going to do way more than build my list. This is actually going to change my business."

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