Jeff Parissi, BA. Broker of Record

Founder Ram Real Estate, Founder Sunnyside Grill

  • Location:Toronto, Canada
  • Years as Mentor: 20
  • Credentials: BA, Western University
  • Profession: Mentor, Speaker, CEO, Broker
  • Expertise:  Business, Real Estate, Franchising, Hospitality
  • Languages: English
  • Hourly Rate: $$$$
  • Free Initial Consultation: Yes
  • Global Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Areas Of Expertise

  • Strategy/Vision/Mission
  • Franchising
  • Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Site Selection
  • Hospitality
  • Operations
  • Certification Training


Meet Jeff - Video Introduction

Learn why Jeff became a Mentor, and his approach to helping her clients.

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About Jeff Parissi

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An Award Winning Entrepreneur, Highly Sought After Mentor for the Real Estate, Franchising and Hospitality Industry.

Jeff has been building retail and hospitality brands through real estate, franchising and hospitality operations for over 25 years.

Jeff handled roll out operations for highly recognized names such as Firkin Pubs, Sleep Country, Listen Up Canada, Dove Spa, and of course Sunnyside Grill.

Jeff is the founder and owner of the Sunnyside Grill Brand and has  developed a step by step system designed to teach anyone how to take expand their own brand through franchising and real estate selection.


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Coaching Questions For Jeff


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What is it? What does it take to do it well? How much does it cost to get going? All the questions are answered and more!  Tune In!

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The Secret and tips you need to know to ensure your bases are covered and you are committing to the best available site for your brand.

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You like people, you like food, you don't like taking orders!  This may just be the perfect career!  See what it takes to open a restaurant!

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Choose The Perfect Retail Location For Success

Location, Location, Location - we've all heard that catchphrase! Choosing a great location is of the utmost importance...the correct location is one of the most important factors in a successful retail business.

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Increase Sales With Demographic Mapping

By plotting your existing site or proposed new site, on a map and creating a 1, 2 and 3 Km radius around it...we can gain valuable knowledge which will help your business.  Learn to pull pull customer from a greater area the radius

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The Elements Of A Street Side Location

Our top 15 tips on site selection in  order to help you gain an edge on your competition and ensure success!  Try benchmarking some of these elements with an existing successful location for added insight.

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Client Success Stories

Stacy Maynard

Michael A.

"Jeff knows what it takes to sell a 5 Million Dollar Property in record time!  I would highly recommend him"

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Sam J.

"We wanted to franchise our brand but didn't really know how, Jeff not only made it easy, he made it happen"

Fay Chapple's Success Stories

Carolyn W.

"We were struggling with understanding food cost and profitability, Jeff streamlined our process and showed us the way"

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