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With OnPoint Mentor Ilze Alberts

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never have otherwise occurred.”

~ W.H Murray

Would you love the next couple of months to be bringing you the life you so wish for?

The months you break through old patterns and habits that keep you running in circles?

The months you finally do the thing(s) you’ve always wanted to do.

The months you say, “No thank you,” to comfort zones and playing small.

Perhaps your business or job just isn’t bringing in the money you hoped for.

Perhaps the relationship with your significant is experiencing some difficulty you’re not quite sure how to handle.

Or perhaps the pain of not living a purposeful life — a life you’ve always envisioned for yourself — has become unacceptable to you.

When we don’t take the action steps to address and resolve the challenges we experience in our lives or the things that make us feel stuck and as if we are not reaching our true potential, it becomes a prediction of our future.

That we’re going to have the same day, month, year of feeling this way.

Of struggling with health, family, relationship, financial, or work issues.


But when you take that first step forward and tell yourself, “Yes. I am valuable. I am important. I deserve to live my life in an inspired and meaningful way,” you begin to predict a very different future.

A brighter future. An inspiring future.

Because YOU predict the future by creating the future.

By taking action and seeing what shows up in front of you as an invitation to invest in yourself.

By taking action and seeing how the stories you tell yourself, your inner thoughts completely transform.

From being the victim to becoming the victor.

From being stuck to being free.

From shrinking to shining.

I have little doubt in my mind that should you be given a choice between SHINING or SHRINKING, you would most definitely choose to SHINE.

Because deep down you know your true capabilities and they are LIMITLESS.


William James once said, “The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

And I would love to show you how you can begin to use the power of the mind to unleash your limitless potential and transform your life.

I invite you to join me on an 8-week journey of transformation called 
“8-weeks to SHINE, by the end of which you will have:

Grown a deeper understanding of who you are after determining your highest values in life.

Developed a life-changing mental model to do life in a new and empowered way.

Learned how to tackle any challenges in your life.

Acquired the skills for building long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

Learned how to manifest the life you would most love to have (because you deserve no less).

Grown your financial IQ, allowing you to build the financial wealth you wish to have.

Discovered what your life purpose and unique offering to the world is.

Mastered the art of living a gratitude-filled life.



Over the 8 weeks of this course we will cover the below topics.

If you say YES to yourself for stepping up and investing in your SHINE, TAKE ACTION now. 

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‘8 weeks to SHINE’ gave me the opportunity to look at the world, relationships and conflicts with new insights. Based on universal laws, including the ‘law of duality’, this program allows for the use of concrete and simple tools to address life’s difficulties in a balanced and integrated way with the aim of reaching equilibrium in one’s mind.

These laws and tools can be used to address all areas of life from family relationships, to work, finances, spiritual life, one’s relationship to ones’ body etc.

Ilze has a wealth of knowledge and experience. This made ‘8 weeks to SHINE’ rich, transformative and inspirational.

I highly recommend this for anyone looking to shift their ‘stuckness’.

Thank you Ilze.

~ Lara du Chenne

“In a time, I was facing immense challenges, Ilze found a way of creating an applied order and create a positive vision of my future. She taught me, in practical terms, how to harness the greatest asset we all have: our mind and our thinking.

One of the wonderful things about Ilze is that she genuinely cares about her students and took time to understand my unique circumstances, and often went off curriculum to address specific needs and areas for development. She is incredibly well-read and has a wealth/depth of knowledge. I appreciate Ilze’s ability to translate nontangible concepts into executable plans. To expose your life to the care and knowledge of Ilze Alberts is a true blessing and privilege.

I am grateful for having had the privilege of doing the 8-weeks to shine course with Ilze.”

~ Pieter Jansen

There is a saying that goes “A Beautiful Life Is One That Is Played On The Strings Of Your Purpose” – it is a beautiful summary of the work that Ilze does. I had the privilege of sharing an incredible growth journey with Ilze over the last 5 months – instead of looking back on 2020 as the hardest year of my life (which can be the easiest thing to do with all the evidence shouting loudly),

I can, with deep gratitude, look back on the year 2020 in awe of the growth, learning and blessings that perfectly balanced the challenges. My journey started with 6 weeks of one-on-one time with Ilze introducing me to the most impactful, yet practical life skills of being able to always see both sides of the coin, to look for the benefits that exist in every situation no matter how challenging and to develop a renewed sense of gratitude. It was followed by the 4 weeks Circle of Women programme where I got to practice the lessons and skills further, with the added benefit of being introduced to a group of other women each on their own beautiful journey.

The last 8 weeks I participated in the 8 weeks to shine programme where Ilze took us through a deeper understanding of the universal laws that help you live a beautiful life, and I shared the programme with a group of men and women from whom I learnt so much as they shared their insights in our weekly accountability call. During the programmes, the most profound work for me was to become clear about my highest and most important values and how everything I choose in life, serve those values. This work also helped me being absolutely clear about my own purpose and how all areas of my life connects to my purpose in all and everything. It helped me through some of the most challenging times of 2020, but also allow me to look back and be deeply grateful for what I got in 2020.

My sincere gratitude to Ilze for guiding me through this journey and becoming a dear friend, and to all the new friends that I met on the programmes for allowing me to be part of your growth journey. If you are looking for a beautiful life that is played on the strings of your purpose, give yourself the gift of one of Ilze’s programmes.

~ Amelia Beattie

2020 was one of the most challenging years for me personally, trying to navigate through COVID-19 and our changed world as a result, adjusting to work from home and dealing with the effects of social distancing. I struggled to find balance, my purpose and joy. Then came into the picture Ilze Alberts and the 8 Weeks to SHINE program…

Under Ilze’s mentorship and guidance I could establish and focus on my highest and most important values leading to more purposeful and meaningful life. Ilze provided me with the insight and skills to empower myself and through a process of self-reflection and self-growth I’m again enjoying this beautiful journey called life. I’ve learnt that the law of duality continuously plays out in our lives and that understanding and embracing it helps me to make the best of any given circumstance. Also, an attitude of gratitude keeps you grounded and motivated, thereby presenting positive outcomes even in challenging times. Walking this journey with the other members of the group was truly valuable as we shared and learnt from our collective real-life experiences.

I’m forever grateful to Ilze for the vast knowledge she imparts, for her excellent guidance and mentoring and for the sincere and caring way in which she conducts her courses.

~ Ilse Cukrowski


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About Ilze Alberts

Ilze Alberts is a Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Television Personality and Demartini Master Facilitator.

She is bringing together cutting edge neuroscience, human behaviour, psychology, philosophy and her own life experience to help train your mind, open your heart and mentor you to live with purpose, meaning, fulfilment and inspiration.